Empty Promises

I still so clearly remember the day I asked someone to promise me that they would never hurt me. I am uncertain what is more foolish, asking someone to make a promise like that, or promising to keep that promise to someone. Both statements are highly out of reality. The only being in the entire world that can make and keep a promise like that is God himself. Why do we expect others to never hurt us?

I truly believe that people have the best intentions in the world. I do not think people go around plotting different ways they can break promises and hurt others. We are all human, and if we are not constantly immersing our lives in the Lord’s Word, we put ourselves in a perfect position for Satan to try and get the best of us. The Bible acts as our shield against Satan. The more time we spend learning God’s truths and commandments, the harder it will be for Satan to get a hold of us. Even with that said, we still are all imperfect. How do we deal with the pain of hurt feelings, distrust, and betrayal?

With God every little thing will be ok, even hurt. The Lord is our comfort, and he will comfort us when we are hurt by someone we love and believed loved us. God is our constant, he is never changing, he will never leave us or forsake us, he will never betray us, or hurt us. He is incapable of ever harming us. When we believe that in our hearts, the truth empowers us to turn to God for help and not let a crushed promise completely ruin our lives. I know sometimes it seems like the end of the world when bad things and hurtful things happen to us, but it is truly only the beginning. You can look at those times to grow closer to your Mighty Comforter, Jesus Christ. It is the start of an even closer relationship with the one and only true love of your life; Jesus Christ.

God taught me a lot when I was holding onto that broken promise, pleading with it for years. It was not about my hurt, it was about what I was missing. It is impossible to go through life without ever being hurt by someone, just as impossible as it is to say you will never hurt someone. The only promise I will strive for is the one I make with God every morning, promising Him my heart and soul; that I will turn to Him for guidance, and will make Him top priority over every little and big thing going on every moment of that day. That is the only thing I can demand from anyone else; that they make that promise to God too. I know when that someone is making a promise like that to God; they will not be making any empty promises to me.


It’s Official…I’M OLD!

I like to call this a sister tradition.  A sister tradition of picking a Pfaltzgraff pattern, then our mom shops online like crazy to get insane sales and great deals on everything in the Pfaltzgraff pattern from salt and pepper shakers to seat cushions!  When I was younger, I would get so excited for each sister to pick their pattern, always thinking to myself, they are so old, when it is my turn to pick my pattern I am going to be so old!  (no offense to my sisters, even though I am officially old and younger than you I by no means think that you are old:) ) Well here I am at the age of 23, owner of a green kitchen aide mixer, proffessional knives, and soon to be NAPOLI Pfaltzgraff pattern!  I am now apart of the sister tradition, the last sister to pick a pattern, so naturally this is going to be a little bit like empty nest’s syndrome for my mom.  Get ready dad, good thing mom has her own laptop because for the next couple of month’s all you will be hearing is OH, look at this plate, should we get her the pretty serving bowl too; it’s so practical?  Get ready for some trips to the outlets.  Get ready to inspect box after box of Napoli dishes! Most importantly get ready because you know what comes after a Pfaltzgraff pattern…

Sweet Smiles with a Side of Teardrops

This is the first year I had no plans for Christmas morning.  The thought of waking up alone in my apartment on Christmas morning was not too appealing to me.  I decided I wanted to visit residents at a nursing home that I used to work at.  When I worked there I always worked Christmas day.  Every Christmas my heart broke for the residents that were all alone.  No family members would come to take them out or even stop by to say Merry Christmas.  It made me so sad to think how alone they are.  I remember crying to my mom many Christmas evenings because my heart was just so sad for them all.  She would always tell me, “But you are there, you are making them happy by going in and smiling, you make their day“.  So this year I decided to stop on in and pass out some presents and just smile at the residents and talk with them.  A couple of friends from my church joined me.  The experience was one I HAVE to make a tradition.  When we were getting ready to leave I said by to the one resident, Faye.  She said to me, are you leaving, when I said yes she started to cry and said, “But will you be back?”  My heart sank, tears started welling up in my eyes and I said yes!  I just wanted to take her home with me!  This is when I decided I need to go back there monthly and visit with the residents.  I can very easily take even just an hour of my day and spend that time with lonely, sweet people who need someone to talk to instead of just reading or getting lunch with a friend or doing pretty much nothing.  This is something I need to make a priority in my life.  I am so blessed with family and friends, sometimes I forget that others are struggling so much.  I pray that I never take this life for granted and that I do as much as I can to make someone else’s day better, even if just by smiling in someone’s direction.  Think of all the Faye’s out there this holiday season and keep them close in your prayers!

My First Christmas

Ever since I was a little girl I have been learning about what Christmas is.  I have heard the Christmas Story plenty of times, my family has a Christmas routine that I have enjoyed repeating the last 23 years of my life.  Something was missing though.  I knew what Christmas was, I knew why we celebrate it, I knew what it represented, I knew all about Jesus.  But I did not know Jesus as my personal Savior, or so I thought.  I did not feel his love.  This is the first year I will be celebrating Christmas actually feeling God’s love.  Actually knowing the Savior of the world personally, I have “known” him all my life but this year is the first year I choose God over everything else in the world.  I realized how cool this was listening to Christmas music today.  The one Amy Grant song, some of the lyrics go like this…

Fragile finger
Sent to heal us
Tender brow prepared for thorn
Tiny heart
Whose blood will save us
Unto us is born
Unto us is born
I have heard this song over and over again for the last 10+ years, never feeling my heart ever so gently touched by the sound of these words.  This year, when I heard those lyrics I actually shed a tear.  How beautiful, how precious is our Savior.  Tiny heart whose blood will save us, and it has, and it will forevermore.  How blessed I am to have accepted such a sacrifice.  I thank the Lord for bringing me to the point where I am today; as hard as it was.  I am to the point where I understand that I will never fully understand the depth of those words, the pain and love behind every one of them.  My heart breaks for others still living in suffering and turmoil.  It is my prayer they find the Lord’s peace and accept the beautiful sacrifice of Jesus’ blood.