Sweet Smiles with a Side of Teardrops

This is the first year I had no plans for Christmas morning.  The thought of waking up alone in my apartment on Christmas morning was not too appealing to me.  I decided I wanted to visit residents at a nursing home that I used to work at.  When I worked there I always worked Christmas day.  Every Christmas my heart broke for the residents that were all alone.  No family members would come to take them out or even stop by to say Merry Christmas.  It made me so sad to think how alone they are.  I remember crying to my mom many Christmas evenings because my heart was just so sad for them all.  She would always tell me, “But you are there, you are making them happy by going in and smiling, you make their day“.  So this year I decided to stop on in and pass out some presents and just smile at the residents and talk with them.  A couple of friends from my church joined me.  The experience was one I HAVE to make a tradition.  When we were getting ready to leave I said by to the one resident, Faye.  She said to me, are you leaving, when I said yes she started to cry and said, “But will you be back?”  My heart sank, tears started welling up in my eyes and I said yes!  I just wanted to take her home with me!  This is when I decided I need to go back there monthly and visit with the residents.  I can very easily take even just an hour of my day and spend that time with lonely, sweet people who need someone to talk to instead of just reading or getting lunch with a friend or doing pretty much nothing.  This is something I need to make a priority in my life.  I am so blessed with family and friends, sometimes I forget that others are struggling so much.  I pray that I never take this life for granted and that I do as much as I can to make someone else’s day better, even if just by smiling in someone’s direction.  Think of all the Faye’s out there this holiday season and keep them close in your prayers!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Smiles with a Side of Teardrops

  1. I love this post and appreciate your mother’s ? (Deborah) comment in FB…”You are the only Jesus some people ever see.”

    I am thankful to have met you! Merry Christmas!

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