It’s Official…I’M OLD!

I like to call this a sister tradition.  A sister tradition of picking a Pfaltzgraff pattern, then our mom shops online like crazy to get insane sales and great deals on everything in the Pfaltzgraff pattern from salt and pepper shakers to seat cushions!  When I was younger, I would get so excited for each sister to pick their pattern, always thinking to myself, they are so old, when it is my turn to pick my pattern I am going to be so old!  (no offense to my sisters, even though I am officially old and younger than you I by no means think that you are old:) ) Well here I am at the age of 23, owner of a green kitchen aide mixer, proffessional knives, and soon to be NAPOLI Pfaltzgraff pattern!  I am now apart of the sister tradition, the last sister to pick a pattern, so naturally this is going to be a little bit like empty nest’s syndrome for my mom.  Get ready dad, good thing mom has her own laptop because for the next couple of month’s all you will be hearing is OH, look at this plate, should we get her the pretty serving bowl too; it’s so practical?  Get ready for some trips to the outlets.  Get ready to inspect box after box of Napoli dishes! Most importantly get ready because you know what comes after a Pfaltzgraff pattern…


2 thoughts on “It’s Official…I’M OLD!

  1. This made me lil. Now I need to go see what napoli looks like. I also think that after you pick your pattern I need to pick a new one.

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