Windy Breezes, and Miraculous Interventions:)

Today was the first day of the new year!! WOOT WOOT!  I was feeling really optimistic of this year.  2011 was amazing, but there were so many tears and so much hurtfulness to work through.  Thank you Jesus for giving me strength to get through 2011 and end it on such an amazing HIGH with you:).  The last thing I imagined this day to be like was challenging and frustrating…but it was that and so much more.  You know those days where you just cry…that was my day.  I came home to spend time with my mommy and daddy, and I ended up leaving, deciding to go home and just ball my eyes out.  My dad as always made a spot on his shoulder for me to cry into.  I have mascara stained so many of his shirts!! Thank you daddy:).  There was no real particular reason for the tears, just upset.  We are intitled to be upset sometimes and that is just what I was.  On my way home, I missed the turn for the highway, so I decided to take the back roads.  There was a huge wind storm today, resulting in tree branches all over the road.  I slightly went to the side of the road, and to my dismay there were 5 potholes waiting for my tires.  I went through all of them, honestly thinking my car was broken.  Then there was a HUGE tree branch, and I am not talking a thin one it was really big and thick, no way around it, so I ended up having to run over it, and it bounced up and hit my window, which just really scared me.  Then there were tree branches dangling and hitting my car.  I thought to myself could anything else go wrong right now, and it did.  My car so politely told me the tire pressure in my front tire was low and now at 1%.  I am crying a lot, my dad comes to my rescue.  AAA is called and I get a ride to the shop my car is going to and then my apartment.  This is where God comes through.  Right when we think we are going through something so awful, God uses it for good!  This driver was so nice.  I was terrified to get into a tow truck by myself.  But, the Lord was with me and He comforted me.  I turned the radio to K-love.  I told the driver all about the 30 day challenge to listen to only Christian music for 30 days, he said oh cool.  He had asked me to call AAA and let them know how great the service was, I absolutely said I would, and then asked him if he would do something too, listen to K-love for 30 days.  He said he would!  This is where I know God has changed me.  In January 2011 I would have never thought to tell anyone about God in any circumstance I was in, good or bad.  January 2012 I am determined to be God’s light in every circumstance he puts me in.  I will look to all things with hope that God is with me and has a plan for this.  I will not become discouraged but will be overjoyed with the blessings that the Lord pours into my life, EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY! 


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