Squeeze your right hand, hug your letters

I always try to figure out why God has placed different people into my life.  Some people I will never have figured out others I don’t know how I would live without.  One of my favorites would have to be my sweet grandmother.  We just celebrated her 80th birthday!!  My gradma and I have always been really close even though we have lived far apart for most of my life.  My gram and I are pen pals.  We write back and forth to each other all the time.  I always “joked” her letters were magical.  Her letters were written to me as though God himself was talking to me.  For the past 12 years I write my gram, tell her what I am struggling with, ask her about life in Middletown and she writes back with so much wisdom.  She always puts just the write scripute I need to be reading in them.  I don’t even have to go into detail about what I am struggling with, most days it was too painful so I would just say I don’t know what to do, it is bad Gram, I am struggling.  Every time, she responded with the truth and love and peace I needed, simply life saving.  God used my grandmother to help me out of an extremely abusive relationship and she didn’t even know I was in one.  The letters that stick out the most to me were the one I sent her about my relationship with God.  I told her to pray for me because I didn’t have a relationship with God anymore, I toold her that he felt so distant and was not with me, and I hated that but did not know how to get Him back.  She responded with a letter and in it she said, God never leaves us, he waits patiently for us to come back to Him.  Maybe a year later (if that) I came back to Him!!!  The next favorite letter was the one I wrote to her about how God answered our prayers, I am back with Him and it was the best feeling in the world.  I thanked her for praying for me and always encouraging me in His word.  Then my gram told me something I will absolutely remember forever.  I had just written a devotional about loneliness and she read it.  When I talked to her on Thanksgiving she said to me, Diane I never want you to be lonely you are not alone.  God is holding Jesus’ right hand; that means He is holding your right hand too.  Squeeze your hand and feel him there and remember how much he and I love you every time you do that.  This past weekend I finally got to ACTUALLY squeeze my grandmother’s hand, and it was just so perfect!  She said to me, I hug your letters and always think a real hug would be so much better, and now we get to really hug.  My gram’s love in my life has saved my life.  Not because she loves me, but because I see God’d love so evident in her life.  The way she really allows God to work through her is amazingly inspiring.  The way she is so obedient to our Lord.  The way she loves each and every one of her children, grand-children, great-grand-children, neighbors, and strangers.  She has touched so many lives with the hope of Jesus’s grace.  God used her in a beautiful way in my life and I am so blessed to have her here with me.   


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