Standing in the Rubble

It happens all the time, you are driving somewhere and all of a sudden you see a flashing detour sign!!  Especially if you were on your way to the most exciting event of your day that detour sign is a real drag.  You literally cannot go the way you had planned and you begin to get frustrated, annoyed, and irritated that your day just made a turn for the worse.   In our lives how many times have you been on your journey, your path walking through this unknown life and you reach a wall.  Very similar to a detour sign, this wall can absolutely destroy your mood if you let it.  This wall acts as a blockade to your happiness.  You had such an idea of where you were headed. All thoughts of this happy easy journey are now crushed as you reach this wall and stop in disappointment.

 You have two choices.  One, you can turn around when you get to this wall going back; regrouping; trying to find a different route in life.  BUT no matter what route you try, it will always lead back to the same wall, different circumstance.  Two, you can put a bull dozer up to that wall, demolish it, and walk through the rubbles holding tight onto Jesus’ hand the entire way across.  I don’t know about you but I personally have chosen option one many times.  I was so scared of the wall; I didn’t believe I could ever get through what that wall represented in my life; which was hurt, fear, past abuse, and even shame.  Just when I thought things were going smoothly that stupid wall popped up again sometimes in relationships, work, or even in my family.  I always turned around trying to find a different path that would get me past that wall.  God opened my eyes.  There is no way past the wall by myself.  God is here to help us; He wants to break down those walls with us!  He wants you to realize you need to be on His path, not your own.  His path leads past the broken walls to freedom!  These walls, if broken down are the best reminders that God is here and He so badly wants to use everything in our lives to bring us to a closer, deeper, relationship to Him.  Be reminded that God wants to hold our hand through life and He wants to guide each path promising His peace, comfort, and love each step of the way! 

When following that annoying detour sign, you know eventually you will get to your destination.  It may take you ten times longer, and it may not be an easy, fun ride; but you still get to where you want to be.  Same with these walls in our lives; you may not like to tear them down, it may be out of your comfort zone, and it may be a hard process to demolish what that wall represents in your life.  Focus on what these walls lead to; eternal life with our Mighty Savior in Heaven.  Trusting in God alone, hold onto His gentle hand and let Him guide you any way He desires to the gates of Heaven! 

Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths.