A God worth trusting?

I hear it all the time, Why would I trust a God who took my loved one from me, why would I trust a God who caused so much heartache and pain in my life, why would I trust a God who won’t heal me from my cancer.  Every time someone say things like that to me I get very uncomfortable.  They are looking for an answer that will take away all of their problems, hurts, and struggles.  I do not have that answer. 

I know this world is not fair, I learned that at a very young age!  I know that bad things happen to good people.  I know that sometimes our problems seem too big, our pain too deep, and our God too far away.  The good news: that is a lie from the pit of hell.  Our God is in our hearts, his Spirit living through us (you truly cannot get any closer than that), there is no pain, problem, struggle, circumstance, or feeling too big or deep for God to handle.  That is the truth, and that is what you need to hold onto with your entire being!

When we are going through a tough time the only constant through any problem or circumstance is that you NEED GOD to be in the midst of that time in your life.  You need to be crying out to Him, telling Him what you need and what your struggles are.  You need Him to fill you with a peace that passes all understanding, you need Him to comfort you, you need to feel His love, you need to feel Him close to you.  This is where we start to lose trust.  All these things you need from God you are not getting, and you do not understand why.  I KNOW WHY, because all of a sudden your problems turned into the number one focus in your life.  All you can think about is what is not going right for you, all you dwell on is the pain.  You are consumed with fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, and the feeling that your PERFECT God has betrayed you. 


What if you were to shift the focus off of your problems and ONTO God?  Talking to God, reading God’s word, spending time with Him, learning about Him and His promises, and not thinking about you and your problems. 

When we are struggling, THAT SHOULD BE THE BEST TIME OF OUR LIVES!  We should be so dependent on God that when struggles come, we do not run from God we run more and more into HIM!  We consume our lives with our Beautiful Savior. 

I am so thankful for all of my struggles in my life, all of the pain that I thought was too much to bear.  These times have brought me to a close relationship with God, they tried to destroy me, but I would not let them!  I CHOSE to choose God over every struggle.  I stood strong against evil that was trying to consume me, and with God on my side, got through all of my pain and heart ache.  That time prepared me for the next struggle I face, and the next.


With God, we are safe.  Proverbs 18:10 The Lord is a STRONGTOWER, the righteous run into it and are SAFE!

When struggles come, we realize that this calls for extra doses of God in our lives.  We trust GOD even more in the hard times, because we KNOW he is holding our hands the entire way through.  We trust that EVERYTHING THAT WAS INTENDED FOR EVIL GOD USES FOR GOOD ALL FOR HIS GLORY!  We trust that God has a perfect plan for our lives, and once we get through the struggles, God fills our lives with HIS BEAUTY AND BLESSINGS. 

Do not trust in the light at the end of the tunnel, trust God’s light that gets you through the tunnel. 

Choose to trust, love, rely on, and be patient with God.  The hardest things, always produce the best things!

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