The only One I need

I love meeting new people.  I love meeting people who “get me” or get life the way I see life.  I love when you can relate with these people on just about anything!  They have been through similar experiences, or maybe they have been through different experiences but the way they got out on the other side of all of these experiences was with God, and that is the best way to relate.  In the past 2 years the Lord has placed several of these people in my path.  All the years I thought no one would understand or no one would get what I was going through, those thoughts were shattered when I started to meet these God-given gifts.  I think I love these people for many reasons, but most of all I love them because they are all a reminder of how God is the one I can relate with anytime any place any circumstance of my life.  They remind me GOD ALONE has been where I have been and he knows every feeling, high or low that is attached with every moment of every day of my life. 

God is perfect, he did not have to ever feel pain, heartache, loss, or any negative feeling.  I guess what blows me away is that he chose to feel every awful, painful feeling you could ever imagine; for me.  He wanted to be able to relate with me.  He did this all so I could have a relationship with Him.  He sacrificed His son, so that I may live eternally in Heaven.  There are no words to describe that awesome truth so I am not even going to try. 

For so long I chose to live my life alone.  I chose to keep every awful feeling hidden deep inside.  I did not want anyone to know what I was really feeling.  I thought they would think I was crazy.  I thought they would never understand or get what I was going through.  I did not want to burden them with my problems.  I do not recall when, but there was a day that came when I realized God knew exactly how I felt.  He knew every pain I was dealing with.  He knew exactly what my problems were.  That blew me away.  It was unfathomable.  I could not believe that God of all people purposely suffered every pain I was currently going through.  I could not get over the fact that I did not have to explain how I was feeling to God, he already knew.  That realization was beyond comforting for me.  I opened up to God, telling Him everything, and I could just picture Him saying to me, while I am wrapped in His arms, “I know precious daughter, I know how you feel, you do not need to feel this way any longer, give me your hurt, and I will give you my love, peace, comfort, and grace to fill every place the hurt once was.”  

God does not want us to be burdened with pain.  God wants us to open up to Him, tell Him what we are struggling with.  He knows your struggles by name, to Him they are all called Satan.  Know that God has power over Satan, and He will take away your pain.  God loves you so much that He chose to suffer, He chose to be able to relate with you in anything you are going through in this life.  He chose to save you from Satan. 

Galations 5:1 It is for freedom that Christ has set you free, Stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.  AMEN!  Thank you Jesus for suffering, loving, knowing, restoring, guiding, and being the only one I ever need in my life.


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