My brother does not believe in God nor does he believe in what the Bible says. He believes the Bible is made up. I believe in God. I believe the Bible is GOD’S living word, how God communicates with us. To me the Bible is the greatest truth.

I try not to discuss my faith too often with my brother. However from time to time I will bring it up. I know all I can do is pray for my brother. I know all I can do is love my brother I know my brother will find God one day.

I usually hate when we talk about God. I have my beliefs he has his. I never feel confident enough to defend what he is saying about my “religion”. For instance in our last conversation he asked me, If I eat pig. I said yes I do. He came back with then you are sinning the Bible says not to eat meat. I thought you believed everything the Bible said. And with that I was speechless. I prayed to God helping me to find the answer to this topic. I grew up eating pig and I know a lot of Christians who eat pig. I was confused.  Here is the thing, my brother knows the Bible, probably better than I do. But, he is missing something. Just like I was missing something until the day God showed me why as a Christian I eat meat.

The Lord led me to a study called becoming a woman of grace. In this study it deeply talks about the law versus the new covenant. For the first couple days I was not really grasping this concept in my heart. I got it but not enough. I wanted to know more, learn more, understand more. I have learned the following: the law is impossible to obey perfectly. It is impossible to live out every single rule perfectly with no fault. The new covenant is our saving grace. God knew we could never ever get through this life to Him by way of obeying the law. When sin entered the world, it made it impossible for us to enter Heaven. The law is what we have to do in order to get to Heaven. God knows it is impossible. But our God makes the impossible possible. By extending His son as a sacrifice for our sins, he made a way for us to be with him in heaven. The new covenant is not about what we need to do, it’s all about what God has so graciously done for us. God accepts us as imperfect human beings. He chose to send his only son to die on a cross for nothing he did. It was for everything I (and you) did, do, and continue to do. He did this so that we may be saved from the law. I am saved from sin. I am saved from eating pig. I am able to live a life with God even now because my Jesus rose from the grave. He fulfilled the new covenant with the shedding of his blood and then raising from the grave. God lives in me and through me. 

So when I had this realization I got really excited because I was able to defend my GOD to my brother now.  I called him up and started sharing this with him.  It did not go as I planned.  I tried to tell him that I eat pig and he eats pig (not just the one that goes oink oink) but we eat pig when we choose to do something that sets us apart from God; not in a positive light but in a negative way.  You see part of the law was to not eat pig, but why?  The reason why there was this rule and many others was because God wanted His chosen people to be set apart from the rest of the world; a holy nation.  Living by these rules let people know that, hey I do not eat pig, I am God’s chosen people.  They stood out for being followers of God.  Today, we have the NEW covenant.  One in which God still wants us to be set apart, but not by not eating pig.  He wants HIS chosen people to be set apart IN HIM.  His people should be pouring out God’s grace, love, comfort, support, encouragement, strength, kindness, and humility to others.  We should be standing out in God’s love for what HE alone has so graciously done for us.  So when we do “eat pig” in the form of lying to others, gossiping about someone, having impure thoughts, watching something we know we should not be doing, hurting others, and basically anything else that is disobeying God; we are set apart from God, not for God.  Then, eating pig was disobedient, and today it still is.  The only difference is back then the pig went oink oink and today it comes in forms of anything that is being disobedient from the Lord. 

Why do I eat “pig”?  I eat pig because I am not perfect.  I make mistakes.  We live in a fallen world covered in LOTS of sin.  I desire so strongly to be set apart FOR God.  I want to be His chosen daughter who lives a life in which others can see, there is something different about her.  (Why is she not eating pig?)  I don’t want to eat pig.  I want my brother to see Christ through me.  I want to be able to keep learning more and more about God.  I want to get rid of all of the “pig” in my life. 

What pig are you eating?  What is setting you apart from God?  Desire to be set apart for God.  Stop eating that pig and start cleansing your mind, soul, and body with the precious blessing from God alone. 


2 thoughts on “Do NOT EAT PIG!

  1. Sooo good, Diane! So excited that you get the chance to talk to your brother on occasion about God. I pray for him every day. Now I’ll be praying for you to continue to have opportunities to talk to him about spiritual things. One of thse days, we’ll see a answer to our prayers. Hugs!!!!

    • I love you so much!! Thank you for praying and for understanding and for reading my posts and for printing them out for Gram! You are awesome:) miss you!!!!

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