To be continued…

2012 brought a new chapter to my life. One in which I am so beyond thankful for what the Lord has brought me through from years past. So beyond blessed to be alive, safe, loved and joyful in everything the Lord has done to get my attention and save me from a life of misery. This new chapter started off with the best of intentions. Because of the abundant, overwhelmingly so, thankfulness I have overflowing in my heart I turned that thankfulness into action. There are so many things laying heavy on my heart stemming from this thankfulness. I wanted to do them all! Things I once believed I could never do…now I just simply had to do. In a way doing these things was my way of saying…THANK YOU JESUS. But in another way, these things were single handily starting to ruin my life. I was quite shocked by this. I’m doing all of these wonderful things for you, why am I struggling so much? Why am I feeling that I need to be doing more? Why am I so unsure of where you want me to go? There is no possible way to repay the Lord for the miracle he has brought to my life. There is nothing I can do enough of to even begin to show the thankfulness I have to God alone. He didn’t save me from devastation so that I may bring more devastation upon myself, NO! He saved me so that GOD ALONE can be praised, glorified, and honored through me. It’s not about what I do, it’s about what HE does through me. I was so excited for this chapter, it brings page after page that I never imagined I would ever see!! But by me taking control of every aspect of this chapter of my life, it has led me to one thing: being unable to filter what the Lord has laid on my heart from what I want to be on my heart. I need to stop writing this chapter and let God start writing. God has such a perfect plan for me. I am definitely certain that I am very uncertain of what that plan is, however I trust the Lord writing it for me is by far way better than me trying to take the pen out of his hand and writing it myself. Letting God finish this chapter can only assure me of one thing: His blessings will be greater than my expectations.

This is the last thing I write I trust the pen in your hand, Lord…To be continued…


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