Watching Him Work

One of my favorite things is watching God’s hand all over a situation.  I have seen it in my life, in siblings lives, in friends lives.  There is just something so encouraging and so exciting about seeing God work in my life and the lives of loved ones!  Lately, even though at times I have not seen a thing, God has been working in a huge way in my life.  God has completely gifted me with a passion for writing.  I am so thankful for this.  This is how God speaks to me.  I write, and it is always HIS pen guiding my hand.  I just recently started getting involved with a ministry Girlfriends Coffee Hour: decaf.  A ministry aimed towards teenage girls; helping them grow in their relationship with Christ.  This ministry is about encouraging one another, coming alongside one another.  This ministry is exactly what I have been waiting for!!!!  Just so happens, I will be WRITING, or should I say GOD will be writing for the ministry.  I am so thankful and praising God for the way HE works:).  Cant wait to see what He has planned for all of us!  Check out the ministry:  check out my thoughts on the ministry:)



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