Some of my favorite things:)

When I see a teenager on fire for God it moves me almost to tears.  I do not know if it is because I was not that way when I was a teenager, or if it is because I am amazed by their willingness to allow God to work through them.  Probably both, actually.

I see a young lady in her teens that is so confident of who she is in Christ.  She stands out in school and is not ashamed of it.  I see her tell others about her relationship with God.  She even says, please pray for ways that I can bring Jesus through the hallways of my school.  WOW.  That stopped me dead in my tracks.  That made me tear up.  That made me wish I wanted those things when I was a teenager in school.  That made me think, do I wish those things now as an adult?

The truth is I was just the opposite as a teen.  I did not like the fact that I stood out from the rest of my “friends” because I went to church, or grew up in a pretty strict home.  I tried to fit into being a cool, carefree girl, not having any real opinion or beliefs on God-all I knew about Him at the time was that He was in my heart but I did not know what that meant.  I did not stand up for God or try to shine His light, instead I blew it out every morning before school.  I didn’t want anyone to think I was weird or different.  I did not fully understand what a relationship with God was.  I was not about to try to figure it out when I could just be a fun girl with lots of friends.

Then came the day my friends ditched me and I learned what a relationship with God was all about.  During this time, I found out that God is my best friend.  He loves me, He never leaves my side.  Knowing God was my friend comforted me so much.  It was then that I felt so sick about being so ashamed of wanting to KNOW GOD MORE.  I was so disappointed in myself for not sticking up for God, or being confident in HIM.

Fast-forward several years and I am now so on fire for God!  I am embracing my love story with HIM!  Over the past 3 years, the Lord has just given me such a passion and desire to help EVERY SINGLE TEENAGE GIRL FIGURE OUT GOD’S LOVE ALL FOR THEMSELVES.  All of the things I wish I would have known/ done/ felt as a teen, I want to share with teens now.  I want to encourage, support, love, and be there for teens, because I know how tough it is.

I want to keep being inspired by all of the teens that I see who stand up for God and embrace their relationship with God.  I am a huge fan of them.

I am BEYOND BLESSED to be apart of a ministry in which I can be just that, and I can see all of those teens living their life for CHRIST ALONE!  GCH: decaf is the ministry.  and the girls who make it up, along with God, is one of my favorite things:) I cannot begin to describe to you JUST HOW excited I am to start this journey with God and all of the decafers.

If you would like information on this ministry, PLEASE LET ME KNOW:) The study we will be doing “A Daughter’s Worth” will be starting October 1st, see you there:)

Here is the website for more information as well:): I share my heart with these girls on the blog every Monday!


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