Dedicated to the angel in my life that helped me find my inner princess:)

It is official, I am now closer to being a quarter of a century old than I am further away to being a quarter of a century old!!  I am TWENTY-FOUR years old.  For the past month of so this has freaked me out a bit. 

There is still this little Diane in side of me that is screaming, I thought I would be married by the time I am 25, now that is all ruined, why am I still single, where is my husband, why am I not going to be married by 25, OH NO, MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!  I like this little Diane, and I am glad that she still exists a bit.

There is also this Diane, the Diane I am today and it is the part of me that is so spiritually mature, the part that lives for God alone.  This Diane is so over the fact that she is 24 and single.  In fact, she is embracing this time by supporting and encouraging women through a Singles Ministry where the Lord gives her words after words to speak to these women.  Twenty four does not phase her.  She is excited for what God has planned for her this upcoming year.  She is embracing God’s love and trusts God will bring a godly man along her path one day, a man who knows her story and still loves her.

BUT the best part of me, is the Diane that is a princess to the KING of Heaven and Earth.  No matter what Diane I may lean toward on a given day, I know that I can always count on being a princess.  I can always benefit from the goodness, love, and blessings that comes along with every aspect of being a princess. 

I am so excited to be twenty four and completely healed from my past.  I am thankful to God that I am alive and well.  I am thankful that he has given me new life.  I am glad to embrace the love He has for me. 

I know there are worse things than being 24 and single.  Being 24, single, and not a princess.  That alone is my motivation to help every girl learn to be the princess she was made to be.  We all have parts that make us who we are.  So many have not found their inner princess.  In this year, that is what I desire to do, help those girls find, and embrace their life as a princess to the most amazing KING in all the Earth, God. 


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