Moving Forward, but First what is Behind me??

I have been blogging over at Girldfriends Coffee Hour for several weeks now on Fridays for the SINGLES ministry!  I love sharing what the Lord has put on my heart with beautiful women of God–lady’s in waiting!!

Today’s post is super personal.  It was written through blurry eyes because of the tears that were flowing.  It was written from my heart.  It is something I share because I know the power my testimony has to help others.  I cannot take credit for this post other than being obedient to the Lord in following His lead to write it.

Please click on the link below and read what the Lord has written through my fingertips.  It is hard to look back at things from our past sometimes, but knowing what is ahead makes it ok.  Knowing that we have hope, love, grace, forgiveness, and everlasting life with Jesus makes it possible to look back at times and see just how far GOD ALONE has brought us!

Thank you Jesus:)

3 thoughts on “Moving Forward, but First what is Behind me??

    • Thank you SO MUCH! I love that you said that, I know for sure it touched one soul and prayed it touched even more that I did not see:) thank you so much for reading!

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