I wrote this in my journal a while back and wanted to share this with you all.  Have you ever struggled with fear?  I used to live my life every day in complete fear.  I hope this helps someone today!

I was walking into an elevator at the hospital today visiting someone.  As the door opened this loud awful noise quickly spread throughout the entire elevator.  Fear quickly covered every inch of my body.  But why?  I havent felt like that in a long time (my body hasn’t felt that fear in a very long time).  On my way to dinner tonight, I was listening to the radio.  As I was singing along to one of my favorite songs, I hear: BEEP BEEP BEEP and just like that my song is interrupted with a weather alert.  This was not just any alert.  The man speaking warned of “killer lightening” and “damaging winds”.  He cautioned to stay inside in a sturdy building,  I have to tell you the instant I heard killer lightening my heart sank and there was that fear again.

Did you know fear is mentioned in the Bible 366 times?  Did you know God doesn’t want us to fear?  Did you know the fear the Lord does not want you to feel is the same fear that will do nothing for the outcome of the thing you are fearful of in the first place?  The only thing fear does is brings us further away from God; who just so happens to be the only power strong enough to completely demolish our fears.  Sometimes my fear is totally brought on by weather alerts or scary noises in elevators, but sometimes there really is not rhyme or reason for the fear that tends to engulf me from time to time.  I have learned the only place this fear truly belongs is in God’s hands.  My heart is not a home for fears.  My heart wears a sign saying “Fear Not Welcome Here”.  Every once and awhile a fear will sneak into my heart, but I know exactly what to do.  Pray to God instantly, hand it over to Him where it belongs.  I want my heart to be filled with the joy of the Lord; getting rid of the fears just makes more room for his joy!  What are you housing in your heart?  His joy or your fear?

Thank you Jesus that I am no longer living my life in fear but am living a joyful life in you!

I love you, Diane.

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