Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

I did not know there was a day for such an important awareness until this morning as I was driving to work. I heard them mention it on the radio. A little over a year ago I was not too sure what human trafficking was. Today, I am more sure but not 100%. There are so many terrible things I hear, see, learn about such an evil crime. I desire to learn more not to say I know all about human trafficking, but so I can be more aware about WHAT I AM FIGHTING FOR EACH DAY AS I PRAY FOR SWEET VICTIMS OF SUCH A HANUS CRIME.

I was in the shower one morning- a hot shower with amazing water pressure. I dry off with soft pink towels. I have the luxury of having a beautiful home where I can pick out any outfit I can imagine and comb through my clean hair in my own bathroom. I get ready for my day having so much. It was this particular day though that my heart was breaking for the little ones I pray for over in India who have so little. They do not have the luxuries I have. They do not even have running water. Yet, I know they are full of joy. They have so little and still smile; I have so much and find it hard some days to put a smile on my face. They seemingly have no opportunities to get out of the trap they are in and into a future filled with hope, but they are indeed hopeful! Are you wondering how this is possible?

I think about my future. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. I can do whatever I want. Nothing is tying me down. Anything at all I want to do, I can make my reality. These girls do not have that luxury. No matter what they dream their reality is still the same. They do not have opportunities, but they do have a SAFE PLACE. They have Jesus and a chance for hope in their future at last! Jesus is our only hope; nothing else can come close to the hope and joy these little ones have in Jesus every day. You can have that same hope too.

Sometimes I get discouraged about my life. But, as I sit here and think about what those girls are going through I cannot help but want to slap my own self in the face for getting discouraged while sweet little children of God are desperate for a future in which they are not just another body worth lots of dollar bills, but rather a future in which they are filled with hope, and making a reality the things they dream of and long for. I pray they long for God. He is the only thing that will make their dreams come true. Ours too.

There is no doubt that God’s heart breaks along with mine when we learn about another child being sold. Another boy being trained to sell those girls. There is power in prayer. There is a battle to be fought and we know where victory lies…on the cross. Jesus has overcome. This world may bring temporary discomfort and horror, but eternity in Heaven with our AMAZING SAVIOR will be more than worth the wait. So why is it my wait is not even comparable to the wait of the sweet ones I pray for each day? Why do I get to live out my joyous days in a beautiful environment and they have to suffer through dangerous, horrendous conditions? Why do I get to have opportunity after opportunity for an amazing life, be put in front of my face day after day while these precious children have to fight with everything they have to stay in a safe place day after day? What am I doing with my opportunity? Why is it I pout about my easy wait when there are young lives suffering through such a tough wait for the Lord?

I realized in the shower that day that I NEED to fight these girls battles right alongside of them. My God has fought for me. He has saved me from Satan’s vicious attempts to destroy my life. I owe HIM EVERYTHING. I know God has placed this desire in my heart that day in the shower to fight for these girls. I owe it to them to do the most I can for them, simply because I can. I am free to pray for them, I am free to help others become aware of what is going on…possibly right outside their door. You see these girls do not need to be in India, or a brothel, they can be in an apartment with a man who found an ad for a girl on craigslist or meets young girls at places formed right in our own towns.

Most of all, I am free to invest in the lives of these young, beautiful girls. I desire to invest so much time in prayer for them that God works through my prayers and that they become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. God can change this crime through us. He can get rid of it completely. Nothing is impossible with Him. What are you going to do? Are you going to google human trafficking and see what comes up? Are you going to take advantage of your easy waiting process and make the most of each opportunity you receive? Are you going to fight this battle alongside of me?

I honestly have NO IDEA who reads this blog. I pray you do. I pray so many people see this and HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. I pray that every reader decides boldly to stand up for what is wrong…and desire to let God change that wrong into SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL:)


It happens right here in Pittsburgh…

What you can do to fight…


One thought on “Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

  1. Thanks, Diane, for posting this. Many people don’t realize that this happens right here in the US. They think it’s a problem in some far off land. Near or far, though, we MUST do all we can to battle this awful crime.

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