Say what you mean

I would never do that!

How many times have you heard someone say this?  How many times have you said this? 

I was thinking about this sentence today.  Thinking mainly that this sentence should never be allowed to be said! 

I think of it this way: we think we are so good and so in control of our actions that we compare ourselves wrongly to someone else.  Someone else does something so disgusting or terrible to us or to someone we love or to a complete stranger.  We insist we would never do that thing.  We are too good.  We are too much better than that person.  I am guilty of this by the way.  I have spoken the words, I would never do that-and every time I do, I get this funny feeling inside.  I am thankful for this funny feeling.  This funny feeling reminds me of something very, very important.

This feeling FORCES ME TO TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT I DO.  Then there is that guilt that comes along with taking a good look at what you see in the mirror and realizing the things you do are no better and sometimes worse than the thing that you would never do.  

This is where judging comes into play.  People are so quick to judge.  Is it really that hard for people to look inward first, before they speak of someone outside of themselves?

I know this has been hard for me to do sometimes.  I am a really good quiet judger.  I keep my judgments to myself.  BUT, that does not make it anymore right in fact it makes it worse.  God knows our thoughts just as much as our actual spoken words.  We may think others will never know what we are thinking….but do we forget God knows?  We say one thing…mean another, and think a complete different one!  How confusing. 

I want to say one thing mean that thing and think the same thing!  I want all of this to line up with God’s love. 

We judge because we put ourselves on a pedestal.  The only person I will ever put on a pedestal in my life is God himself.  I am leaving all of the judging up to Him.  He judges perfectly.  I am not called to judge anyone. 

The next time I hear or speak the words…I would never do that-I am going to take a hard look at what I do and pray that God renews a right spirit within me:)

I pray this makes you pray the same!

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