Second is not the Best

Firist is the worst, second is the best.

Where did this phrase come from exactly?  Was it made up when a little boy came running home crying because he got second place instead of first, so his mother lovingly told him it is all ok because first is actually the worst and second is the best?  I honestly have no idea.  I repeated this several times growing up, each time never really giving it much thought.

Now, today it comes to mind again.  Our pastor at church started a series tonight called, Happily Ever After.  I am sure by the name alone you know what this series is about.  Just in case you are not sure it is about marriage.  Tonight he talked about a concept that I truly never thought about.  But let’s think about it together…We all look for the ONE.  Whether we are a single guy or a single gal we believe and look for the ONE that we are meant to be with forever.  As our pastor put it, he wishes one day he would hear I am looking for my number TWO.  You see what he is saying is GOD will always be the ONE.  There will never be anyone to fill that space in our lives planned perfectly for God to fill.  When it comes time to marry, that person will never be the ONE, he/ she will be our SECOND.  In this case, first would most certainly not be the worst, it would be the best, and second would simply be second best!

As the sermon went on, something HIT me.  It was like God himself was speaking to my heart and I had to quickly jot down what He was opening my mind to…”All along I have been thinking what my future husband can/could, will/ would do for me and be for me…SO WRONG, I need to be thinking about what He wants to do and does do for and with God alongside of me”. 

This was such an awesome realization for me, thank you Jesus! 

So often as I pray for my husband I decide to make list of qualities or characteristics that I would desire in Him.  As I am praying about these I come to the conclusion that the only thing I truly need and can ask from my husband is that he has and is pursuing a relationship with God.  But then I think…I really need a specific list.  I need more than that.  So I decide to think about the things I think I need from a husband one day.  I decide I need someone who is understanding because of my past.  I think I need someone who will have an abundance of love not just for me but for God and others.  I think I need someone who will have a desire to serve God alongside of me.  I think I need someone who will love my love for writing and support that desire of mine.  With all of this thinking I have realized I have been thinking the wrong things. I am thinking of what this man will be for me, when God is already all of those things for me NOW. This man will not replace God in my life. God is already and always will be everything I need. No more thinking about what my husband will be for me is allowed. From this day forward I VOW to only think what my husband will be for GOD. I can better pray for him, because I am praying for God’s desires in Him. I am realizing I do not need to think of the ways that this man can be a blessing to me, I need to be praying for the ways this man is and will be a blessing to God!

I am so thankful for this realization. I am so thankful for MY GOD. He is all I need and more than enough. He is the Best One for me! I am thankful for the husband He will give me one day. The husband that will be second best:)


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