Victory Dance

How many of you are scared terrified petrified of the truth?  It is true that truth sets you free!  So, it would be freedom that we are scared of?  Yes.  Why?  Sometimes it is easier to live in bondage to something, someone, anything, anyone.  Sometimes it is what we are used to.  Sometimes it is what we grow to love.  Sometimes it is what we feel we need.

Truth: bondage is not freedom.

Even truther: freedom is what YOU are made for.

Why are we scared to be what we were created to be?  Is it because this world tries to bring us down?  Is it because being what we were created to be is a lot more difficult obtaining than we originally thought?  Is it because we feel more comfortable being what this world says we are rather than being what God says we are?

(e) All of the above?

If you choose (e) you most certainly are not alone.  (e) is my answer.  You know what stops me most…FEAR of failure, FEAR of the unknown, FEAR of simply put…EVERYTHING.

Yes it is true I am scared a majority of the time.  I wish I was not this way, truly.  You name it and I am either scared of it or used to be scared of it at one point in my life.  More times than none I have to be careful not to let fear overcome my life.  I do not want fear to be in the driving seat of my life.  God is the only one that I want to drive me around on this crazy ride called life.

I think about my past fears.  What made me overcome?  It was not myself.  It was not someone else.  It was praying to my Protector.  It was learning that I had a God that was bigger than my fear. One whom conquers even my scariest demons and lives in victory: waiting patiently for me to join Him in our very own victory dance!  You see the way my mind sees it, we have the opportunity to dance with God after we overcome a fear and get out of bondage, or we have the opportunity to get ourselves deeper into the pit of fear and bondage and everything else this life was NOT intended for.

How do we do it?  How do we become who we already are in God’s eyes?  How do I stop being scared of pretty much everything?

Just so happens I am learning how.  I am learning that no matter how scared we are of something unknown, how comfortable we are in a life so mundane, how uncertain we are of what our next step is….it is all worth something.  It is all worth that first dance we will have with Jesus as His and He as ours: sweet VICTORY!  When we are dancing, we will not be scared, we will not be afraid, we will be living in freedom!

My latest dance…at Home Goods.  Yes, Home Goods.  Here is how it went:

For a year?  I have been praying about going to India.  Others have been praying for me.  I have felt this nudge on my heart that it was something I should do.  That nudge scared me so much.  India.  Do you know what the first thing is I think of when I hear India….GROSS BUGS, that of course I am scared of.  It is not just the bugs.  I think of the killers that live there, I think of the scary men that kidnap girls, I think of the cockroaches on trains, I think of being shot, I think of….anything scary.  If I am not careful these fears can completely paralyze me and cause me to miss out on that dance with God.

These fears do not belong here.  They belong in God’s hands so he can get rid of them for me.  I started to think of the other side of India.  The not so scared side.  The side of God’s love.  Meeting the precious girls I have been praying for, for over a year now.  Teaching princesses of the King to be WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST.  Sharing God’s love with everyone I come into contact with.  Witnessing God’s love, mercy, grace.  These are all things I have witnessed before and it is one of the best, coolest experiences, I contend in the entire world!

For the past couple of months I was praying with these fears though.  I was praying for God to show me what to do, but I was not letting myself hear the answer.  I was trying to use my fears against my prayers.

Then I got serious.  Thinking there is a time when it is no longer appropriate to be praying…but to take action.

So, for me, naturally, I to action to go shopping.

I felt I should not be going shopping, but I could not resist.  On my way to the store I was mad at myself.  Thinking I should be home praying, reading the Bible until I hear from God on what I am to do.

God had a different plan.  And unbeknownst to me, I followed Him:)

I asked Him to give me my sign, but I was certain I was not going to receive it because I was not at home… I was shopping.

As I walk into Home Goods…I see a huge sign the second I walk in that says, “JOURNEY TO INDIA”.

UMMM……HELLO SIGN.  Hello God.  Hello dance:)

God gave me my sign when I was scared I was not able of receiving it.

God loves me.  He wants to give me a sign.  He wants to demolish all of my fears and dance over all of the ashes with my hand in His.  That is what I was picturing as I stand in Home Goods staring at a pink handmade journal from India saying “A Journey to India”.  I was picturing every fear, doubt, guilt, and shame, demolished on the ground.  I could not stop smiling.  I can not express the peace I finally felt of knowing God took my fears and gave me a literal sign of what I am to do next on this crazy journey I call life.

I share this with you because maybe you have fears you cannot get rid of.  Maybe there is something you have always wanted to do but you are scared.  Scared enough to miss out on that victory dance with God.

Please, don’t be scared.  Please, let your fears turn into ashes.  Please, find what you are looking for from God.  Pretty, pretty, please PROMISE me that you will strive to dance with God over choosing to let fear drive your life.  God’s hand is reaching out…what are you going to do?  Please choose God’s freedom for your life.

Am I scared to go to India?  NO.  I am certain that this is God’s plan for me.  God’s love will be “driving” me all the way to India and back. I John 4:18 Where God’s love is, there is no fear, because God’s perfect love drives out fear.

Please pray for me, for our team, for the lives we will encounter.  God YOU alone receive ALL OF THE GLORY!  I praise YOU!


Seeking His Face in Your Lonely Place

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Much Love, D