Meet You at Midnight:)

No matter what age I am, I will always go through those moments in life when I find myself thinking: I really need my mommy.  When I was younger I needed her the most when I was sick she is the best sick cuddler.  I needed her when my wardrobe needed some sprucing, she always gives the best fashion advice!  Recently however, I have found that I need my mom most at midnight on Friday nights!  Lucky for me, my mom has been awake these past couple of Friday’s but I know that even if she wasn’t awake she would wake up for me…It’s true I have the best mom ever!

This Friday was the worst.  I was in the midst of a complete break down and to my surprise my mom was there through the typing of our keyboards to offer me the invitation to feeling God’s peace and comfort in the midst of my over-booked, over-crazy, over-stuffed, out-of-control, upcoming weekend.

The best thing about our conversation on Friday night was that my mom not only let me vent and get everything out, but she listened, and she brought the conversation to God.  She knew what I needed, and that was a solid moment spent with God, asking Him to keep me a float this weekend so I would not sink in the mess I had made of my weekend.  She shared with me the best advice my heart truly needed that night.  There was one thing that really stuck out: “I will be praying you through the weekend, when you wake up in the morning lay in bed quietly thanking God for several things and asking Him to guide and bless your day.”  I took that to heart.  Saturday morning, the start of my crazy not so looking forward to day was all made better because I for once listened to my mother and prayed to God, inviting Him to do this day for me, because I needed Him, I asked for Him to really be with me and get me through this whole weekend!  I just kept repeating this over and over again at any opportunity I was able to.

Can I tell you, I am the happiest girl in the world today, it is the last day of my crazy weekend and because of God, He truly carried me through.  He amazed me with His love and faithfulness.  He turned my crazy weekend into such a blessing.  I found myself having several worship concerts for God in the shower…in my car this morning, because I am just so thankful to God that He hears our prayers and helps us always, even if we mess things up-He is there!  I trust that when my life seems out of control (99.9 percent of the time) that God has everything all under control.

It is incredible to sit back and reflect on the ways God truly turned what I thought my weekend would be like upside down into WHAT HE WANTED MY WEEKEND TO BE LIKE.

I thought I was going to have to throw my keyboard out of the window because just the letters keys were not working for the one thing I needed to print.  God helped me fix the problem by restarting my computer.

I thought I was going to sleep this weekend away because of being so exhausted and miss hearing my alarm each morning.  That was not the case, truly because of God I not only woke up on time, but started my day with Him in prayer and one on one praise concerts:)

I thought the parts of the Calendar Party I was going to and would be involved in would be a flop because I did not feel prepared and a lot of things were going wrong.  God made sure that HIS event went flawlessly!  It was such a wonderful opportunity to meet other women, catch up with amazing friends, and to meet someone who I never thought I would see again.  There was a lady whom I had always considered an angel in my life for the times she reached out to me when I needed someone the most.  I think the most words we exchanged were a few hello’s and how are you’s, but she did not know the impact her hello’s had on my heart.  I always wondered if I would see her again, and just so happens on Saturday, I did!

I thought that I was going to be so incredibly exhausted due to lack of sleep and over committing to certain obligations.  God gave me His strength, and energy!  He helped me get done everything that I needed and I got to spend the evening with my sister who helped me!  Nothing was better than that:)

I thought I would not be able to handle Sunday.  Two things I committed to do were at the same time….last minute, one of them was cancelled!  God knew that was going to happen!

I thought I would barely make it through all of the things I had to do this weekend.  Not only did I make it through (with a smile on my face and in my heart might I add)  But I also, made it through in the hands of my Savior, Helper, and Friend in deed, Jesus Christ!

If you do not have a mother to give you solid biblical advice, a mother to pray you through your crazy days, or weekends in my case, I pray that you have God.  Because, God truly is all we need.  I am beyond thankful to God for my mother for leading me to Him on Friday night, at Midnight!  I am beyond thankful to God for hearing my prayers, being there for me, and carrying me through what I truly believe was the busiest weekend of my life!

I would not choose to have a jam packed weekend again, and thanks to some other advice my mom gave me, and an amazing sermon at church today, (go listen to it God is teaching me how to commit to His commitments for my life and stick with those, no more taking the control from Him and trying to “do it all”.  I am learning to live my life for God and from His acceptance of me, and not worrying what people will think when I say the dreaded word, NO!

There is a song that has become my favorite.  This song instantly brings tears to my eyes.  I have realized for myself that I truly need Jesus every moment of every day.  I cannot do anything without Him by my side, or carrying me!  Take a listen, and thank God for guiding us, loving us, and being there for us when we need Him most.  He knows what those moments will be and He is waiting eagerly for you to let Him in, so He can transform your thoughts into HIS!!  

Praise GOD for blessing us beyond our highest expectations, HE IS HIGHER!!!