How good are YOU?

On Easter Sunday our Pastor asked a questioned to everyone in our church, “On a scale of one to one-hundred how good of a person are you?”  As I ponder this question in my head, defending myself…to myself, I turn over to my brother who barely ever goes to church and hear his answer, 15.  Here I am thinking I am a 50 and my heart is breaking for my brother who I see so much good in and he only sees a 15/100.  The more our Pastor went on with the sermon the more disgusted I felt with my thought of being a 50.  My brother’s number reminded me of something really important.  I do not have a number at all.  I cannot even obtain a lousy 1.  The only good thing about me is God.  I do not make the scale because I do not deserve a number.  God is good.  His number well exceeds 100.  I have to remember that the only reason people see me and think she is a good person is because all they see is what God has done in and through me. That is GOOD.  Me, I am not good.  


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