Deep Waters

Maybe I was inspired to write this today because I just want to spend every day of the summer in a swimming pool or better yet-the ocean. Maybe I write this because I am desiring to be submerged for Christ, but there is something holding me back.  Maybe this was written to help me figure it all out.  One thing I am certain of is that God has put these words on my heart for me to share with you, so read on.

Kiddie pools are great when you are a true kid and more than your feetsies get submerged under water. When you are older and you attempt to “enjoy” the kiddie pool, it is a whole different story. What is the point of getting just your feet wet? Yes, this simple act truly does cool you off, but what about the rest of your body that becomes jealous of your feet that they are wet and “it” isn’t.

You may be thinking this sounds crazy, but I promise there is a point to all this kiddie pool talk. The “big kid” pool is intended for us to dive into, submerging every part of our body into the water. Not a dry spot on us should be found when hanging out in a pool.

I think this is how life was intended for us too-to dive in head first, being completely submerged by all God has planned for us (not a single part of us found not being used by Him alone). After all in John 10:10 we find it very clearly stated that Jesus has come for us so that we can life, and not just any life, ABUNDANT LIFE. I choose to believe that far too many of us (myself included in this statement) spend way too much time in the kiddie pool of life. We get our feet in, but we are too scared, afraid, doubtful, nervous, intimidated, unsure, (insert other here) to get out of the kiddie pool, and dive in head first to the exciting waters God has prepared especially for us.

The kiddie pool is safe, after all I do not think any adult has ever been reported to drown in a kiddie pool? However, the deep waters, not so safe. In fact, diving in head first to water deeper than your head when your feet hit the bottom, is a pretty risky move. You risk never coming above water again. You risk injury (depending on how out of control your dive). You risk getting more than your feet wet.

Call me crazy, but my heart desires the kind of risk it takes to submerge in the deep waters God has prepared for me. If I was being brutally honest with myself, I would even go as far to say that I desire to let myself drown in deep waters and let God rise up in me.

Maybe this is the word I have been struggling with all along, RISK. Maybe I don’t want to risk laying down my life in the deep waters. Maybe I don’t want to risk letting my feet leave this Earth’s solid ground. I know where my feet belong though, on the solid path through the deep waters with Jesus Christ guiding me the entire time. Maybe, indeed this risk is what I was created for after all.

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