I want to be _______________.

Do you realize how many words/ phrases I could use to fill up the empty space in the above sentence?

a pretty mommy that loves loving her little ones.

a writer whose pen is guided by God alone.

married to a man who will be wrong to this world, but right to me.

And these are just a few of the many.

There are so many thoughts of who we might want to be one day, but what about who we already are?

When we breathe our first breath this world is busting at the seams to fill us with what “it” would like us to be like.  These worldly desires and dreams begin filling in us the second our mommy can hear our scream.

They are so strong.  Before I knew of God’s desires for me, I felt as though I would die without being what it is I wanted to become.  I know that is slightly dramatic, but maybe miserable, unhappy, unattractive, lonely are better substitutes for the word die.

Psalm 37:4 says, Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.  This does not mean that my words used to fill the empty spaces will come to fruition.  What it does mean is that as I read God’s word, and grow closer to Him, He will begin to get rid of what it is the world has convinced me I need to be.

God will slowly get rid of those worldly desires that lead to emptiness and He will fill me with His desires.

If you have put your hope and trust in God alone, if you have accepted Him into your life, if you have let Him in to change you, then you, my dear, are a child of His.  You are royalty.  You are crowned with His salvation.  Oh how He loves His precious child!

What if the days of our lives were filled with more of choosing to be who we already are than wanting to be something else?

I strongly believe that the only thing that matters in our day to day life is the time with God we find. For in these moments we are embracing our true identity. We are placing the words God intended in that empty space above, I want to be more like Jesus.

As His children, we are called to be set apart, holy, and Christ-like. I need to stop day dreaming about what I might be or want to be one day. It is time to start reading God’s word and letting Him show me who I already am.

We do not need to feel controlled by the words this world wants us to believe about ourselves. Thank goodness that we are defined by God’s words alone; no one else’s.

Words people use to describe you as hurtful as they are sometimes, do not need to affect the way we think of ourselves. Words can be used to destroy us, but God’s words can be used to bind up the wounds the world’s have left on our heart.

Just because this world says we should be a certain way, does not mean that God thinks the same. Let us all stop filling up that empty space with words that were never intended to be placed there. We are His- that is all that truly matters.

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