From Our Hearts to His…

When occasions arose to pray aloud in a group, my stomach got a sick feeling instantly.  I thought to myself, I don’t pray eloquently, I don’t sound “Godly”, I don’t say the right words, People will wonder why I am praying.  –Has anyone been there?

God brought fearless sixth graders along my path to show me just how wrong those thoughts of mine were.  When it was time for group prayer at the end of small group so many girls would pray!  Each week, I was more and more touched by the prayers of these sixth graders.  When I was in sixth grade, I don’t think you would have ever heard me praying in front of others.  I was so inspired by their fearless prayers.  God used them to help take away my fears of praying with a group.

I remember praying with two friends one evening, and they said I like how when you pray it is like you are having a conversation with God.  I thought to myself, well that is all the eloquence I need in my prayer life!  Communicating with the God of the universe is not something to underestimate, but it IS something we can feel comfortable doing.

God loves to hear from us.  I can just picture Him jumping with joy when He hears our prayers.  He is waiting patiently for each and every one, whether eloquent or shaky from nerves, GOD hears them.

God does not care what my prayers sound like to others, He just cares what they sound like to Him.

Even if I sound strange, repeat words, pause for an extended amount of time because I cannot think of the word I need to be using, keep it short and sweet, or go on and on and on…God does not mind.  He is eager to hear me, not eager to point out fault in my prayers.  In fact, when we pray from our heart to His, there is no fault found, despite the fault others may hear-those faults are on mute to God as He listens to your heart.
One night at church my dear friend told me she needed people to pray for girls in India.  These girls have been rescued from brothels or the streets and brought to a safe home.  They all have or had mothers that live in these brothels and work as prostitutes.  She told me she was praying for six girls and needed someone to pray for some of the girls.  I quickly responded with “I can pray”.

That week we met, she introduced me to the precious ones I would be praying for.  She also explained the ministry of the Praying Aunties.  This is a prayer ministry for different homes in India for boys and girls who have been rescued from human-trafficking.  One woman from our church was told more than anything these precious children of God need prayer.  This same woman started the Praying Aunties with the idea of one Auntie (as they call us) will pray for one girl (or boy).  And then she told me…the dreaded, we will meet once a month eventually to pray for these girls.

I knew this was ok, I knew I could easily do that, I knew I would love to meet other women monthly to pray.  God had given me so much confidence in our prayer life from when I was a sixth grader.  Satan however, will try to squeeze any doubt, and fear, and lie into our hearts that we let him.  I had to quickly shut Satan out of my heart with a prayer.  The only way to get Satan out is with prayer, He cannot stand a chance when we cry out, Jesus!  I did not want to give Satan any chance to keep me from praying for little ones that need to know the safety, love, grace, healing, and power that comes through Jesus!

Praying for my girls in India has been a life changing experience for me. I know first hand the power of prayer. I know how prayer changes situations from being the worst moments in your life to becoming the greatest ones spent with God. When we pray, we invite God into the situations and circumstances around us. When we pray for these precious ones in India, we invite God into their lives and circumstances. Our prayers enable God’s power in their lives.  God desires for His children to be healed and safe in His arms from Satan’s wicked schemes.

When I was in India, I was so touched to see the smiles of the sweet ones we pray for the instant they were introduced to us.  The joy they have knowing someone is praying for them in contagious.  God has shown me through our trip to India that we must never give up praying.  He never gives up on us, we cannot give up on Him.

Even though we are miles away and I hold onto their pictures as I pray and not their hand, I feel so incredibly close to the precious ones I pray for. I feel as though our hearts our connected with God’s.

God is not dependent on our prayers, but we surely are dependent on God. These children in India are dependent on God too. The girls don’t mind what your prayers sound like either.  They are just filled with joy to know that they have an Auntie that loves them enough to pray for the best in their life: God’s will.

The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.  James 5:16

If you are interested in becoming an Auntie, you can email

If you are in the Pittsburgh area we need about four more women to pray for a home.  If you are far away from Pittsburgh and would like to start a prayer group in your town, that would be great too, there are always more homes that desperately need prayer.

For more information and to learn more about getting involved visit the Praying Aunties Facebook Page.


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