Sewing Together The Scraps

I love my grandmother for many reasons, being my pen-pal is one of my favorite reasons.  I am thankful for the letter I just received from her in the mail.  This letter held a piece of truth from God’s heart to hers…to mine.  I am so blessed to have such a close relationship with my gram, one that inspires me and helps me grow in my own  relationship with God.

In this last letter, my gram was telling me about the scarf she just finished knitting.  My gram knits and crochets so many beautiful items!  Any time you receive a hand made anything from my gram, it is something to cherish because of the love she pours out into each one.  She did not have high hopes though for her latest scarf.  She decided it was time to use up all of the scraps of yarn she has laying around by using them all in the same scarf.  In her letter she explained that the scarf turned out better than she expected it to.  She then explained with more of the scraps she is sewing together patches for a blanket.  The last part of the letter is the part that really spoke to my heart:

When I think of Jesus giving up His life on the cross for me, I can only say use my life however you can Lord!  Comfortable or not!

That sentence right there is another major reason why I love my gram so much!  Our hearts are connected by this desire that we share.  This desire to live our lives sold out to God! 

Her little story about the scraps of yarn truly got me to thinking about something.

All we have to offer God are little scrapings of our lives compared to what He has given to us: His One and Only Son!

Even as I give over my entire life to God when I start off each crazy day, it is still only scraps compared to the life of my Savior who gave it all so that I may be free from the sin that so easily tries to entangle me. 

Sometimes I become discouraged.  I find myself saying things like,

“Lord, this part of me is too awful, too shameful, too (insert other here).  I don’t think you can use this part of me.”

Our lives are filled with scraps of yarn, but they come in those parts of us that we need to give up to God, but don’t know how to or are scared to, or have grown oh so comfortable with. 

When we finally decide to get rid of those scraps, and give them over to God where they belong, that is when God is finally able to sew together our scraps to make us into the one He created us to be.  We have Jesus’ love as the thread sewing all of our scraps together with His scars.  What a beautiful sight. 

We never need to be discouraged about giving God our scraps.  We are His masterpiece, scraps and all! 

Just like my gram’s scarf and soon to be blanket, when we look at what God has made with our scraps, we find He is able to make such beautiful things out of each and every one of our scraps.

Thank You Jesus for taking us out of our comfort zone in order to see that our scraps are sewn together perfectly with You.  Thank You Jesus for giving up your life–for me.  Please help me to give up my scraps for You.


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