Waiting for You

I have been wanting to write about this topic for about a year now and as I stare at my little growing cotton plant I decided to finally write!

It all started when I found myself smack dab in the middle of “waiting on the Lord”.  There are songs with that sentence in it, books that discuss what this means, it is in the Bible, lots and lots and lots.  I never really understood what these words meant until I found myself doing nothing other than waiting on the Lord. 

Whenever I do not understand something in the Bible I always ask God to teach me to help me understand His word more and more.  God used a little cotton plant to teach me a big lesson!

Have you ever planted a seed before?

I just recently planted a cotton seed that my sweet gram gave me.  I was so excited to plant this seed and see it grow and eventually have my very own cotton ball!  As I wait and wait for this seed to turn into cotton, I cannot help but smile when I water the little thing every other day, because when I do I realize this seed is SO MUCH like my life.

As a girl who had no other choice than to run into God’s open arms one night, I truly believe God is my Savior.  The one who created me and healed me and took me out of a life of terror and brought me into a life of freedom, eventually to be spent with Him in Heaven one day.  I see so clearly how God took me out of the dirt that was swallowing me up in the weeds of life.  I remember the day He planted me in His soil, the kind that is good for me.  The kind that helps and protects me from those nasty weeds.  It did not take long before I was growing in this new soil.  With God’s Word as my water and nutrients, I was pretty soon flourishing in this new soil. 

Have you ever wondered how long it takes a cotton seed to turn into cotton?  You probably haven’t, but since I am attempting to grow a cotton seed by my windowsill…it happens to be something I wonder about from time to time.  When I planted the seed it instantly grew into a little green leaf.  Now, one month in and I feel like this little green leaf has hit a plateau.  I keep watering it every other day, but it does not look like it is growing one bit!  Naturally I am not a very patient person.  I want this leaf to turn into a cotton plant, and I want it to happen overnight!  That is not going to happen though.  I just have to trust that taking care of this plants greatest needs…its thirst for water and making sure it is sitting close to the warmth of the bright sunlight…will help this little leaf grow into the plant it is meant to be one day.  I have no idea how long it will take.  I know each day even though I cannot see any difference in this little leaf, that it is indeed growing.  I need to just be patient and enjoy the process!

Do you see where I am going with this?  This is my life!

I remember back to that day with my Savior, when He shook the ground beneath me, and planted me firmly in His love.  It was in an instant that my life was changed for the better.  I grew in my relationship with Him more and more every day.  Then something happened.  I too, hit a plateau of sorts.  I was still growing, but it was different.  I could not see my growth.  I felt like I was waiting for the Lord to use what He had brought me through for His goodness all to bring Him glory.  I know I was waiting for Him to turn me into the someone He created me to be.  This is a process on His time table, not mine.  I know regardless of what I see each morning, I am still growing closer to Him as long as I stay obedient to His word and thirst for Him alone.  The work God is doing in our lives holds an eternal purpose.  We are not always going to see the growth in this life.  We just need to be concerned with what God is using to grow us…His word and life. 

As our focus is on Him, we will have a day when we wake up and we are no longer waiting, instead we will be looking down from the highest point next to our Savior, filled with immeasurable joy because it is then we will see with eyes wide open that we have been growing higher and higher in Him all along.  What a day that will be to see our lives right where they were always meant to be…with our Master Gardener in Heaven!


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