My Safe Haven

One of my many favorite moments spent with God in India ❤

Streets with Dwellings

The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.  Proverbs 18:10

I decided one day that I was in desperate need of wisdom.  I read in the Bible that if I ask God for wisdom, He will give it to me.  After lots of prayers for wisdom, I still felt wisdom-less.  I headed to the Christian bookstore, in hopes of finding a study that would help me find God’s wisdom in my life.  It was as if this particular bright yellow book had a spotlight on it showing off the title, “Becoming a Women of Wisdom”.  With a title like that I quickly headed to the cashier with this book in hand.

Truth be told, the study was geared toward a woman with a husband and possibly kids at home.  Despite my husband and kid free life, God was able to use this…

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I decided to start a new blog JUST FOR INDIA 🙂 This is the very first post!

Streets with Dwellings

“There is purpose in the pain”

I heard this said at a women’s event at my church last year.  These words stuck out from all the others.  My eyes filled with tears as I processed those words in my head and heart.  Even though at that time I did not fully see the purpose of the enormous amount of pain I had been through, I trusted with my whole heart that God had a purpose.

I think I saw a hope of purpose when I started getting involved in a prayer group at church for girls who were victims of human trafficking.  I started praying for sisters who were homeless, living on the streets of India, with their mother.  Their mother now dwells in a brothel where she works, and her precious daughters dwell in a home where they feel safe and loved, and are surrounded by other…

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