Many of you who read my posts know that my “word” for 2014 is DIVE.  I want to dive into all God has for me in 2014.  This past month, God has been really teaching me a lot about diving.  He is teaching me that in order to dive into all He has prepared for me, I must wait. 

For in waiting, we will find the right encounter to dive into, His.  I would never want to dive into something heart and soul just to find out it was the wrong ocean.  Or should I say I would never want to do this…again.  In the past, I have taken one too many steps into the wrong ocean.  I found myself in a pond asking myself is this really how is was supposed to be?  I do not want to find myself in this murky pond again.

God’s ocean is what I desire truly desire, don’t you?  We have to be careful of those worldly traps.  Those ponds that seem to hold potential for us or even our futures as we think.  Those ponds may seem to be the answer we have been looking for all along.  Those ponds may even seem to be what we were made for.  If you are like me and have actually dove, well more like stepped, into one of those murky ponds I happen to know you found the complete opposite of what you thought this pond would hold in the first place.  You found exhaustion, disappointment, depression, fear, confusion, and frustration.  If you haven’t found them yet, I promise you will.  These ponds do not hold our future, only God’s hands do.

Don’t let the freedom in the dive fool you.  It is for FREEDOM that you have been set free (Galations 5:1).  You have not been set free to step right back into the very pond that will soon trap you and leave you experiencing anything BUT freedom.

To find true freedom in Christ, we must dive into His ocean.  His will for our lives is where we will find His perfect peace.  Life will not be perfect, but it will be abundant (John 10:10).  Undeserving I am, but God loves me so much that He has given me His ocean on several occasions. 

Since the last encounter in God’s ocean, I have been desiring His embrace more than anything else.  This desiring time is so dangerous.  I cannot settle for anything less than what He has prepared for me in His ocean, and either can you.  I cannot give up on one prayer.  I cannot waste one minute.  I cannot take one step off His path and into that pond.  I cannot desire the blessings found in His ocean more than Him alone. 

The only place I want to be is in His will for my life.  If we are always looking for “something” we will always end up in that pond one way or the other.   For me, I have given my old life to God.  Every distasteful detail of it all.  My old life has died and now my new life is all hidden in Christ. (Colossians 3:3).  In order for me to find my life, I must find God.  That means seeking Him every moment I am able.  That means looking to Him for all I need and not those messy ponds.  It means desiring Him more than desiring the dive.  The dive can lead to destruction in the pond or freedom in His ocean.  As for me, I want to live each day as His and wait for Him to tell me when to dive into all He has for me. 

Who knows, even though my word for 2014 is dive, I may not do any diving at all.  I may just be waiting.  Whatever it may be I will not be wasting one minute.  I want to use the time He has given me to learn, grow, and be taught and loved by the One who calls me His. 




From my Heart to Yours…

What if I lived like my life depended on spending time with you?  It is easy to spend the more-than-necessary time on preparing my hair, and makeup, and clothing for the day; without taking a single glance of what my heart looks like as I head out the door.  What if I did not dare take a step until I heard from YOU?

Life would be different.  Scary different.  Different different.  Good different, no, Perfectly different.

I believe in my heart that you intended for me to live a different life.  One which stands out in this dark world, in Your light.  It is so easy sometimes to stay the same.  It is easy to start falling victim to those lies, those weakening lies once again.  It is easy to find myself surrounded in darkness time and time again.

I need Your help Lord, with the hard, the different.  You have helped me before.  I know how sweet the different life is.  I know Your grace and mercy lead me to this different life.  I know the best way is not always the easiest, in fact it is usually the hardest.  But, you make my hard easy.  You have before and I know you will continue to as long as I rely on you for everything.

I don’t want to just say, “I want to live this different life of depending on You.”  I need to actually do it.  I know you are calling me constantly to this different life, therefore I need to start DIVING in.

James 1:22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves.  Do what it says.

Finally Finishing what I Started

Just off the top of my head…

There are seven Bible studies I have started and never finished.  I know there are more, but seven is bad enough really.  Some I only got into about three pages.  Others I was almost to the end, but I stopped. 

I was very seriously thinking about this the other day. 

Why do I do this?

What is wrong with me?

What have I missed by not finishing what I have started?

I do not just do this with Bible studies by the way.  I do this with just about every thing.  There are very few movies I have seen the beginning and end of.  I usually fall asleep somewhere in the middle.  The end of hotdogs.  I NEVER finish the end of a hotdog.  Not that I eat hotdogs very often, but when I do the last end is always left untouched by me.  Books.  Truly, the only book I have ever read from front to back is A Lady in Waiting. 

When I was contemplating all of these facts in my head the other day a crazy thought came across.

What if I decided to pick back up where I left off in every single Bible study I never finished.  Because really I do not care that I haven’t finished movies, books or hotdogs, but it really bothers me that there are so many unfinished Bible studies lying around my house. 

What if the ONE thing God planned for me to get out of a study is waiting for me on the unfinished pages even though all along I though I have already received that ONE thing?   

I really want to finish each study I have started.  I believe with my whole heart that God’s timing is the best.  Even though these studies were done at a perfect time in my life, they were not finished at the perfect time in my life.  Maybe now, my heart is ready for those “new” pages.  Maybe now is the perfect time to start finishing them. 

I am not the same person I was when any of these studies were first started.  I am constantly changing thanks to my Jesus.  Every day I spend with Jesus, I am growing more and more into the someone He wants me to be.  Maybe this is why I have not finished what I have started.

I have no idea what to expect for this journey, but with Jesus leading the way I can only imagine it will be better than anything I can think up at all. 

So, here I go: finally starting all I have never finished. 



Have you ever heard of people choosing a word for the new year? Some ladies I know decided to choose a word of 2013. I loved this idea. Their word seemed to be something God was teaching them at that time or something He gently laid on their heart. I really wanted a word too. I tried to figure out what one word I would choose. The problem was I discovered a list of about 40 + words that God was really working on with me. I did not want to choose one just to say I had a word for 2013, so I started off 2013 wordless or word-full I guess.

Last year, my favorite part of New Year’s Day was writing about my favorite verses that God used in my life in 2012.  I had all intentions of writing about the verses that came alive to me in 2013.  As I sat down to write…ONE WORD simply would not leave me alone.  DIVE.

Why dive?

I followed God to India this past June.  This trip was all Him.  I was nowhere to be found in His perfect will for my life.  I was blown away by what God did in India, and what He is doing right now as my fingers move along my keyboard.  I was so honored that He let me witness His work in India.  It was a privilege I do not think I can ever find the words to describe to you this side of Heaven.

After coming home from India, I learned very quickly I left something behind.  My heart is with sixty precious princesses of the Most High King.   Some days I did not know what to do with my heart being somewhere I am not.  All I could do was dive into God’s word.  All I could do is trust in Him.  So I did.  I struggled through not knowing what to do and found myself holding onto God’s sovereign hand.

One day as I was traveling hand in hand with God, He whispered in my ear, “India was your diving board into My ocean.”

In His ocean is where His words come alive to me.  Every single one of them.  The ones that melt my heart and make me feel like His most prized possession are found to be true while leaping into His ocean.  The ones that leave me breathless and tearful are found to be treasured possessions of mine while in His ocean.  The best example of this ocean to date was found in India.  Not only did His words come alive to me right before my eyes, they also came alive to the ones who needed Him the most, and found Him in that moment!

In life, I find myself on the ledge of the diving board more often than not.  I am consumed with fear, afraid of the unknown.  As I stand on the ledge taking a peek what lies below, I wonder if I am truly courageous enough to finally jump.  Going to India proved that with the power that comes from God’s hand alone, I am able to DIVE into His desires for me.

As I look over the past year, I am filled with joy remembering the moments I dove hand in hand with God into His will for my life.  I can only desire the same for 2014.  I want to fearlessly DIVE into all He has for me.  I am thankful that when I find His courage to dive wherever He is leading there will always be His Words welcoming me.

Thank you Jesus for diving hand in hand with me!

Ephesians 3:20-21 Now to him who is able to do immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.