Many of you who read my posts know that my “word” for 2014 is DIVE.  I want to dive into all God has for me in 2014.  This past month, God has been really teaching me a lot about diving.  He is teaching me that in order to dive into all He has prepared for me, I must wait. 

For in waiting, we will find the right encounter to dive into, His.  I would never want to dive into something heart and soul just to find out it was the wrong ocean.  Or should I say I would never want to do this…again.  In the past, I have taken one too many steps into the wrong ocean.  I found myself in a pond asking myself is this really how is was supposed to be?  I do not want to find myself in this murky pond again.

God’s ocean is what I desire truly desire, don’t you?  We have to be careful of those worldly traps.  Those ponds that seem to hold potential for us or even our futures as we think.  Those ponds may seem to be the answer we have been looking for all along.  Those ponds may even seem to be what we were made for.  If you are like me and have actually dove, well more like stepped, into one of those murky ponds I happen to know you found the complete opposite of what you thought this pond would hold in the first place.  You found exhaustion, disappointment, depression, fear, confusion, and frustration.  If you haven’t found them yet, I promise you will.  These ponds do not hold our future, only God’s hands do.

Don’t let the freedom in the dive fool you.  It is for FREEDOM that you have been set free (Galations 5:1).  You have not been set free to step right back into the very pond that will soon trap you and leave you experiencing anything BUT freedom.

To find true freedom in Christ, we must dive into His ocean.  His will for our lives is where we will find His perfect peace.  Life will not be perfect, but it will be abundant (John 10:10).  Undeserving I am, but God loves me so much that He has given me His ocean on several occasions. 

Since the last encounter in God’s ocean, I have been desiring His embrace more than anything else.  This desiring time is so dangerous.  I cannot settle for anything less than what He has prepared for me in His ocean, and either can you.  I cannot give up on one prayer.  I cannot waste one minute.  I cannot take one step off His path and into that pond.  I cannot desire the blessings found in His ocean more than Him alone. 

The only place I want to be is in His will for my life.  If we are always looking for “something” we will always end up in that pond one way or the other.   For me, I have given my old life to God.  Every distasteful detail of it all.  My old life has died and now my new life is all hidden in Christ. (Colossians 3:3).  In order for me to find my life, I must find God.  That means seeking Him every moment I am able.  That means looking to Him for all I need and not those messy ponds.  It means desiring Him more than desiring the dive.  The dive can lead to destruction in the pond or freedom in His ocean.  As for me, I want to live each day as His and wait for Him to tell me when to dive into all He has for me. 

Who knows, even though my word for 2014 is dive, I may not do any diving at all.  I may just be waiting.  Whatever it may be I will not be wasting one minute.  I want to use the time He has given me to learn, grow, and be taught and loved by the One who calls me His. 




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