Back to the Throne of my Heart

Oh how I have missed you.  

I have been waiting patiently for you.

Waiting for you to come back to Me.

I will welcome you with loving arms.

Do not be afraid.

You cannot possibly understand how hard it is.

Hard to reach out to you and have you turn the other way.

As though you were looking.

Looking for someone else

Something else

Anything else to bring you what it is you were searching for.

You could not see 



Know that what you were looking for was always right there,

Next to you.

Next to you with arms stretched out.

Waiting for you to grab a hold of My hand.

I was longing for this moment.

Now that I find your hand in Mine, 

I can only hope you never let go.

Welcome back my precious one 

Welcome back to the very spot you were created for.


As I stand hand in hand with You I am complete.

Oh how I longed for this moment.

This moment in other ways.

I tried it all.

I wanted to be complete, never knowing in You is where I would find myself.

Where I would find the me You created me to be.

Welcome back.

Back to where I find my hand in Yours.

Back to where You are always intended to be:

On the throne of my heart.

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