No Pain, No Gain

When someone is struggling severely in life it makes me want to take the very thing that is causing them to struggle and blow it up, making sure it never returns.

I just hate so much to see someone in such devastation.  I want to help.  I want to fix.  I want to take away the pain, problem, battle.

I have so strongly been feeling this way about a particular situation very near and dear to my heart.  Just when I wanted to be justified in these feelings, God reminded me of the danger of feeling this way.

1. I am not God.  I am human, a sinner, imperfect in every way imaginable!  It is not my job nor will it ever be my job to fix or take away someone else’s problem.  I can try but I will never succeed and in the process I will end up in the way of the only One who can truly fix every problem, God Himself.

2.  Struggles, as awful as they look when we are going through them, are truly a blessing in disguise.  I am fully prepared for you to disagree with me on this, however it is SO TRUE!  I went through one of the worst struggles I never imagined I would survive to tell you about.  I was trapped in an abusive relationship for years.  I didn’t know the way out, but God did and thankfully I found Him to help me get out before it was too late.   Looking back, this awful event in my life is one I am most thankful for because it led me to a beautiful encounter with my Savior.  I would go through everything I went through all over again if and only if it had the same outcome every time: a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

3.  These struggles can be used by Satan to try to destroy us, however they can also be used by God to bring Him glory and save lives!  (Genesis 50:20)  As much as Satan can use something for the purpose of destroying us, God can use the same thing to save many lives!  On the other side of a struggle we find a testimony of God’s power, love, forgiveness, and grace.  This is our story and a tool we can use to bring others to Jesus.

I am reminded tonight that I should not be praying that these current struggles, and the ones to come, go away and never come back…I need to be praying that in the midst of these struggles we find God.

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