the Calm after the Storm

As I was driving today dark clouds were following me all the way.  Kindly the clouds waited to burst open, letting out sheets of rain, until I walked through the door of my apartment.  There was a short break before the next storm rolled in.  On and off storms have been the theme of these past couple of days.  In the midst of these storms one thing has held true, there has been a beautiful calm just after each one.  The rain goes away.  The dark clouds disappear making room for the sun to shine down brightly.

This beauty was created for you and me.  That makes me feel special, you?

Today, I am taken back to another rainy couple of days just a year ago.   This would be the time I was in India.  When we arrived the rainy season had just hit.  The rain was pouring down almost non-stop.  There was one particular rain storm that stands out the most during our time at the YWAM campus in Lonavala.  There were 14 of us “praying aunties and uncles” there to hold a retreat for sixty precious princesses of the Most High King.  These precious ones came to Lonavala needing to find God and grow deeper with Him, so did we.

On rainy day 3 of our retreat it was time for my “talk”.  I tirelessly prepared a talk on the importance of the Armor of God and a very safe part of my testimony.  This talk took a very unexpected turn for the best the moment that I felt the Holy Spirit’s nudging to share my story.  What followed was simply His words and not my own.  As the rain pounded on the roof of the building we were in, tears fell on each of our hearts.  We all came to the center of the room, so many girls pouring their hearts out to God.  Our tears were washing away the pain, the fear, the abuse, the torment, the sin, the shame, the guilt, and God’s grace was filling up the room with His love.  As we stood there I instantly thought of doing a sort of victory dance in the rain.  It was short lived but it was so freeing.  As the rain fell on the tops of our umbrellas I was reminded that God’s love will fall on all of our wounded hearts and wash the pain away.  The storms may seem relentless, but God’s love will calm even the most destructive of storms.  He will use each tear that falls to melt away the pain in our hearts to make room for Him.

Just as the sun shines after the storm, God will shine in our lives after the storms leave us.




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